JETTEC 580 Viking

The 580 Viking is similar to the 580 Crusade but has the “pickle fork bow” Giving you the option to have seats up the front.

These boats are built to order so can be customised to suit.
An exceptional lake boat for all the water activities, and still very capable of boating the shallow braided rivers.
We welcome you to come view - test drive to really see how impressive these boats really are.

Turnkey packages from $106,500
Recommended 450-650hp

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Standard Features

  • Seating for 8 adults with ease
  • Removable Stainless ski pole
  • WakeBoard tower
  • Folding Bimini cover
  • Opening Center Glass windscreen
  • Cabin heater - Heated seats
  • Marine Sound system
  • Removable cockpit table


  • Model JT580 length 5.8 meters (19ft)
  • Beam @ chine 1850mm
  • 15° deadrise at transom
  • 5mm one piece bottom (option 12mm alloy keel plate for saltwater applications)
  • 6mm Raex steel plate overlay (most common option)
  • 6 Longitudinal stringers and web plates
  • All 5083 marine grade aluminum

Common engine/jet setups

  • LS3 Chev V8’s
  • Kodiak or Marine power 6.2 DI (440hp)
  • Chev LT4 Supercharged
  • Southern Jet 2 stage 8.5”
  • Hamilton 212
  • Scott waterjet 852X or 912

Jettec can help you through any stage of your new boat from bare hull to turnkey, fitting jet units, engines, steering, advise, parts supply and don’t forget we also build high quality aluminium trailers.

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