JETTEC 440 HULL $13,450 inc GST

The JT440 a great adventure boat.

These hulls handle very well with a finer entry on the hull sheets up front makes them smooth, dry and fun to drive. We offer the JT440 in two hull degree options, 15 and 17 deg. The JT440 is wider at the chine compared to our smaller models making them easy to keep on the plane at very slow speeds and have exceptional weight carrying ability. We welcome you to come and try one out for yourself.
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Turnkey packages from $65,000
Recommended 300-550hp

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Standard Features

  • Bare metal finish
  • Marine grade 5083 throughout
  • Gauge pannel and open glove compartment
  • CNC router cut
  • Dash steep
  • 5 year recreational structural hull warranty


  • Model JT440 length 4.4 meters (14.5ft)
  • Beam @ chine 1680mm
  • 15° & 17° deadrise options
  • 5mm one piece bottom (option 12mm alloy keel plate)
  • 6mm Raex steel plate overlay (most common option)
  • 4mm one piece engine bearers
  • 3mm topsides
  • All 5083 marine grade aluminum

Common engine/jet setups

  • LS1- LS3 Chev V8’s (370-480hp)
  • Kodiak or Marine power 6.2 DI (440hp)
  • Southern Jet 2 stage 8.25” & 8.5”
  • Hamilton 212
  • Flo Pro 2 and 3 stages
  • Scott waterjet 812 or 852

Jettec can help you through any stage of your new boat from bare hull to turnkey, fitting jet units, engines, steering, advise, parts supply and don’t forget we also build high quality aluminium trailers.

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