JETTEC 360 HULL $9150 inc GST

One of the most popular hulls in our range, 2-4 seater, great size for getting out to those hard to reach spots
for some hunting or finding that perfect fishing spot.

The JT360 has loads of room for a small boat, incorporating a small back seat with dry lockable storage for
rifles, rods and gear. With a good keel length to weight ratio it’s no wonder this model has been very popular.

Recommended 130-310hp

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Standard Features

  • Bare metal finish
  • Marine grade 5083 throughout
  • Gauge pannel and open glove compartment
  • CNC router cut
  • 5 year recreational structural hull warranty


  • Model JT360 length 3.6 meters (11.8ft)
  • Beam @ chine 1530mm
  • 15° deadrise
  • 5mm one piece bottom (10-12mm keel option)
  • 5mm Raex steel plate overlay (most common option)
  • 4mm one piece engine bearers
  • A3mm topsides
  • All 5083 marine grade aluminum

Common engine/jet setups

  • 15F Kawasaki (most popular)
  • Kawasaki 260 300 310 Supercharged
  • Yamaha 1800cc Na and Supercharged
  • Sea doo 215 -255 -300 Supercharged
  • Suzuki 1800cc turbo - Scott waterjet 612

Jettec can help you through any stage of your new boat from bare hull to turnkey, fitting jet units, engines, steering, advise, parts supply and don’t forget we also build high quality aluminium trailers.

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