Jettec 1100mm (43") aluminium hull with Jettec jet unit fitted. $2050 nzd (bare metal finish)

Jettec billet drive coupling suit all common 2strokes and brushless motors. $345 nzd

Roll cage removable. $295nzd

Alloy rear round fuel cell mounted. $95 nzd

Rear spoiler/ foil, fitted. $165 nzd Painted from. $350 nzd


Courier 2-6 working days to your door, custom made H/duty box. $285 nzd

We have shipped all around the word including New Zealand, Australia, South Africa, Germany, USA, Canada, Singapore
and Finland. Please enquire if not listed. These are D.I.Y projects. We no longer fit motors or radio gear (RTR).
But we can give you info on what parts work best.
All boats are built to order.

Enquire today by filling out the form below or email info@jettec.co.nz