Jettec 440 hull

Jettec 440 (14.5ft)

Price $11445 incl gst

Jettec hulls are wider to carry the load and draw less water, meaning shallower boating at less speed is required making them safer and more enjoyable to ride in. With the larger models (440-450) you get to choose from 15 degree v, superb all rounder or the 17 degree v deadrise for the boater who wants a softer ride in the lake chop and to handle higher speed from engines in excess of 450hp.

Common engines Chev V8 and V6 Toyota v8
Common Jet units 212 Hamilton jet, Southern jet, Scott jet, Flo Pro, Colorado 2-3 stages & American turbine.

15 and 17 deg dead rise options, Delta and Radius keels
4300mm LOA
1500mm @chine
1700mm @ gunwale
1520mm internal width
Center hull thickness 12mm 5083
Outer hull plates 5mm 5083
Top decks 3mm
Windscreen 2.5mm
Weight 255kg

Raox steel keel insert
Side pockets
Step in dash
Front flush access hatch
Glove box
Drink holders
Ski pole
Speaker boxes